GREAL’s first aerophotogrammetric test flight by UAS over the Roman Villa della Fontanaccia archaeological site (Tolfa, Italy).

Yesterday morning, May 10th 2022, GREAL conducted its first UAS-based aerophotogrammetric test over the Roman Villa della Fontanaccia archaeological site, in the mountains near Tolfa. During two flights, for an overall duration of approximately fourty minutes, initial data were gathered and procedures were validated, towards a research and teaching protocol that GREAL will develop in the next months in cooperation with the “Gruppo Archeologico Romano (GAR).

The test was attended by GAR’s President Gianfranco Gazzetti, by GREAL’s Director Gianluca Casagrande and by UER’s lecturer Alessandra Romano.

Aerial and ground images (the latter in a 360° format) will become part of a periodical data acquisition that GREAL will conduct for documenting GAR’s excavation activities on the site, during 2022-2023. The activity served also as a demo for students of UER’s MOT certificate programme, who could enjoy an onsite visit of the valuable Roman site and also to have a brief hands-on experience of archaeological excavation.    


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