A new collaboration between GREAL (UER) and LabE2 (University of Jaén)

GREAL participated in a scientific workshop from May 6 to 9, 2024, at the University of Jaén, Spain. The event took place within the framework of the collaboration titled “Tools for researching and documenting historical landscapes: historical text mining, remote sensing, HGIS, and virtualization,” established between the LabE2 of the Spanish university and GREAL. The UER lab was represented by Prof. Gianluca Casagrande and Dr. Roberta Rodelli. The joint activity began with a scientific excursion in the mountainous area of the Sierra Morena, where the UJA researchers, led by Prof. José Miguel Delgado Barrado and Prof. Antonio Jesús Ortíz Villarejo, introduced their Italian colleagues to some historical sites in rugged areas and the research activities they have been conducting there since 2020. The second day, May 8, featured an international workshop at the University of Jaén, attended by scholars representing all the institutions involved in the ongoing Sierra Morena Project (PID2019-110225GB-I00), which is nearing conclusion. The meeting also marked the launch event for the new mini-research project Lab2E-GREAL, which will continue for several months and will culminate in a second workshop, at the European University of Rome, in the first half of September 2024.

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