A virtual reconstruction of airship NORGE (1926-2021)

On April 10th, 1926, airship NORGE departed Rome, marking the beginning of the Amundsen-Ellsworth-Nobile expedition. A crucial voyage: for the first time in history a transpolar flight from Europe to America was achieved.  Waiting to celebrate the 95th anniversary of this expedition, GREAL Laboratory (www.greal.eu), under the technical and graphic-design responsibility of dr. Roberta Rodelli and the scientific direction of prof. Gianluca Casagrande, brought the project “Shadow of NORGE” to life, in order to virtually retrace the famous journey.  The laboratory started working on the creation of a 3D model of the airship. The digital reconstruction is mostly based on original drawings by Umberto Nobile (designer and commander of NORGE), along with photos and films from that time. The general aim is to create a virtual copy, as much as possible similar to the real airship in appearance and dimensions.   The project is part of a series of activities and events that will celebrate the anniversary of this absolute first, with a little touch of magic obtained by the use of innovative technologies, possibly appealing to a wider audience.  Click here for the 3D model of the airship.

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