“Custodians of the Memory” – First Webinar in “Shadow of Norge” project

The first international Webinar of the “Shadow of Norge” initiative was held on April 8th, opening the commemoration of the 95th anniversary of the Amundsen-Ellsworth-Nobile Transpolar Flight (1926).

The event was institutionally hosted by the Museo Umberto Nobile of Lauro, hometown to the Italian explorer and was chaired by the Museum’s director, Antonio Ventre.

The event was focused on family memories and historical places variously related to the 1926 expedition, e.g. the Oslo-Ekeberg stop-over place, the Ny-Ålesund advanced base in the Svalbard Islands, the historical life-places of the two leaders of the expedition, like Amundsen’s home in Uranienborg and places where Umberto Nobile lived, worked and paid visits in Rome, Lauro and Eboli.

Another theme explored by some of the speeches during the Webinar was the legacy left by the 1926 expedition, almost a century after its development, on both the education of future generations and the cultural relationships and bonds between Italy, Norway, and Russia.

The Webinar, whose programme can be downloaded here, was recorded and can be fully watched on the ShadowOfNorge youtube channel.

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