Between July 22nd and September 4th 2018, an international Arctic research and communication expedition called «Polarquest2018» was conducted on board the eco-sustainable sail-yacht NANUQ .

The 17.8-meter sailboat cruised for a total of 3,564 nautical miles2 most of which north of the Arctic Circle (including two transfers and one operation leg). The crew, consisting generally of ten members, carried out a series of activities and observations in the framework of three research programmes.

The expedition was organized by Association Polarquest2018 (Switzerland) in partnership with Association Acapela and with scientific, technical and cultural entities from France, Switzerland, Italy and Norway3 . Funding was provided by institutional and private sponsors.

The project was highly interdisciplinary in nature. It consisted in navigating an experimental, environment-friendly floating laboratory through an Oceanic route, beyond the Arctic Circle and around Svalbard. During this travel, many activities involved scientific research, communication and storytelling.

This book is the third in the «Geografia a libero accesso» series, that the Italian Geographical Society has created to host its digital publications. The purpose of the editorial initiative is to make works by the Society’s members easier to access and circulate, so that results from studies and research activities may be freely disseminated. We hope that our fellows and the wide audience in the Web will appreciate this effort. Gianluca Casagrande’s book further extends the accessibility beyond the Italian-speaking context: a necessary choice, since it has an international endeavor as its topic and will have international readers as a significant share of its audience.