15 May 2020 greal

The Polarquest2018 research and communication expedition circumnavigated the Svalbard Islands between August 4th and 24th, 2018. The expedition’s boat, an advanced Swiss-built experimental sailing laboratory called NANUQ served as an environmental friendly technological demonstrator which proved very effective in testing a complex programme of geographical observations in that remote Arctic archipelago.

One of the research sub-programs, called “AURORA” (Accessible UAVs for Research and Observation in Remote Areas) allowed to test methods and techniques for the geographical and environmental documentation of several places of interest in Svalbard. The approach followed during the work was to verify the effectiveness of citizen-science level equipment when tested for full-blown scientific applications.

The final results of the activity are being published and will be entirely issued during this incoming summer, suggesting a very high potential for a new possible profile in Arctic scientific research and dissemination of public awareness about the regions’assets as well as environmental issues.  


The conference will be held online on 21th of May, at 19.30 by Gianluca Casagrande, Associate Professor of Geography at Università Europea di Roma.

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