1 August 2019 Diletta Mannelli

Year 2019 marks two important anniversaries in the history of travels and explorations. It is indeed 500 years after Ferdinand Magellan’s departure for the first circumnavigation of Earth and 50 years after the first Lunar landing by Apollo 11.

Taking an opportunity from the commemoration of both events, the Italian Centre for Geo-Historical Studies and the “Giuseppe Caraci” geo-cartographic laboratory of the Humanities Department – Roma Tre University, along with the Escuela Española de Historia y Arqueología en Roma, is organizing an International Conference to be held in Rome. The event will be held on December 5-6, 2019, and it will focus on the importance of explorations and travels in pushing forward the evolution of thought and culture in science as well as in general perception, from politics to religion, from anthropology to history of art, from pharmacopoeia to food supply.


Artwork by: Daniel Eskridge – DanielEskridge.com

The elements of innovation which pervaded Europe – and therefore the rest of the world – defined the beginning of a process involving differentiation, characterization, specification (even up to a terminological level) of quite many aspects of life. Such process was to continue in the following centuries, thanks to contacts with far civilizations, material and immaterial exchanges, reforms and revolutions which derived from the progressive widening of geographical horizons.

Regions of the Americas and Asia were subject to conquest, exploitation and evangelization, all affected by contrasts among European powers until the 19th century.

Travels to Americas and other unexplored regions (e.g. Australia and Africa), can be conceptually associated to those towards the Polar areas in the 20th century and to expeditions towards extra-terrestrial worlds. In the latter, the technological components seem to be predominant; however, they involve the same themes of perception, openness to novelty, in a continuous flow of travel experiences from the exploration of Earth to the exploration of outer space.

The Conference welcomes studies about travel and literature, evolution of scientific thought, geography and history, transcalar and long-term relations among Europe, extra-European continents and extraterrestrial spaces. Speakers from these fields are invited to present their reflections on the importance of travel in the opening of physical as well as mental spaces.

The due date for submitting proposals is September 15th, 2019. Applicants should send an e.mail to  segreteria@cisge.it, specifying the title of the proposed work, the proponents’ names, a contact e.mail, the proponents’ affiliations, a short abstract (2000 characters max) and between 3 and 5 keywords.

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