Initial tests for the ENVI-PHANTOM

19 March 2018
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19 March 2018 greal

GREAL/FTD ENVI-PHANTOM is an activity program based on the use of several system configurations for DJI Phantom quadcopter aimed to performing optimized geographic observation.

The program is developed by GREAL in cooperation with FlyToDiscover and will call for several application activities during 2018.

Given the modularity of configurations, the experimental activities have so far considered several versions of the popular DJI drone: Phantom 2, Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 Pro.

The advantage of using this particular type of machine is typically due to its modest dimensions, good endurance and significant technical reliability.

At present, several combinations of sensors, sensor mounts and RPA platforms. The purposes of the ENVI-Phantom will include definition and scientific validation of optimized geographic observation techniques relying on low-cost hardware and software.

Among the first activities planned for the operational tests, there is the geographic observation series proposed by GREAL within the framework of the PolarQuest 2018 Arctic expedition (